Couple therapy addresses common relationship issues such as anger, resentment, betrayal, disengagement, disconnection, jealousy, arguing, difficulty adapting to life changes, or difficulty reaching agreement on major life decisions. 

My primary therapeutic modality is Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). EFT is a short term, evidence-based couple therapy created by Dr Sue Johnson. EFT is grounded in attachment theory. Couples may become stuck in negative patterns because of emotional reactions based on attachment needs. By helping couples to understand their own and their partner's emotional reactions and helping them to respond with empathy and new insight the couple can get unstuck.

EFT offers specialized therapeutic techniques to help couples learn to strengthen and repair their relationships. Research on EFT has found that 70-75% of couples move from distress to recovery with EFT and 90% of couples find significant improvement. The largest determinant of success is the motivation the couple brings to therapy, not the level of distress they are in when they begin.


Premarital therapy helps couples to make sure they have a shared vision for their future. Couples will learn to build on their strengths and are equipped with the tools required to navigate the challenges life brings with a solid foundation as a couple. Premarital therapy guides couples through discussions on topics such as expectations about finances, family planning, religion and culture, extended family involvement, values, and role expectations. Outstanding conflicts are addressed within the therapeutic environment so they don't grow into bigger problems in the future. 


Interfaith & INTERRACIAL Couples

A specific area of interest for me is working with interfaith and interracial couples to help them to navigate the unique challenges of mixed faith, racial and cultural backgrounds as I have both a professional and personal understanding of this added relationship dynamic. I help couples to establish a shared family culture and vision for their future while respecting the needs of the individual to maintain their own identity. I also help couples to manage extended family conflict and expectations and establish healthy boundaries. Couples will learn to build on their strengths and are equipped with the tools required to navigate their future together. 

flexibility to fit your lifestyle

In addition to the traditional model of therapy where clients see me in my office, I also offer the option of meeting with clients in their home. A benefit of in-home relationship therapy, in addition to convenience, is that it enables the therapist to see the couple in their home environment and understand the relationship in the context in which the couple lives. Furthermore, people are more comfortable in their home than in a formal office setting; this enables some individuals to more easily open up and engage with in the therapy process.


$140 per hour
Fees may be reimbursed by private insurance plans
24 hour minimum cancellation required or full fees will apply

Payment may be made in cash, cheque, E transfer, or major credit cards
* a charge of $25 will be added for NSF cheques